Duties and Obligations of Learners

Article VII | The Constitution and By-Laws of the Supreme Secondary Learner Government

Section 1 | Every learner has the responsibility to observe and uphold the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, the school rules and regulations, and this Constitution at all times.

Section 2 | Every learner shall exercise one’s rights responsibly and in good faith.

Section 3 | Every learner shall support and promote the ideals, principles, thrusts, and objectives of the SSLG, the School, and the DepEd.

Section 4 | Every learner shall uphold the principles of good governance and value of integrity.

Section 5 | Every learner shall endeavor to achieve academic excellence and shall abide by the rules and regulations governing his/her academic responsibilities.

Section 6 | Every learner shall pursue to nurture an inclusive, service-oriented, gender-sensitive, culturally aware, and environment-conscious community.

Section 7 | Every learner shall abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of the SSLG.

Section 8 | Every learner shall support the SSLG mandated PPAs and the official issuances of DepEd.

Section 9 | Every learner shall strive to become a proactive and enabling member of society and to contribute to the development of one’s community.